Sheikh-Ul-Hadith Maulana Saleem-Ullah-Khan Death

A very bad news for every one who loved with maulana saleem ullah khan , because maulana saleem ullah khan are dead today, it is a very breaking news , maulana saleem ullah khan is Sadar of  wafaq ul madaris, very nice person of all time, maulana saleem ullah khan is very helpful for every one and every people like him and so many people are very sad for death of maulana saleem ullah khan sahab.

Sheikh Ul Hadith Maulana Saleem Ullah Khan Death

⇨Sheikh-Ul-Hadith Maulana Saleem-Ullah-Khan Is Teaching in Jamiah Farooqia
About: Jamiah Farooqia

Jamiah Farooqia, Karachi is one of the notable Islamic institutions of Pakistan. The Jamiah was established in 1967. At present, there are 2300 students enrolled in the different educational sections. Jamiah Farooqia provides its students, tuition, books, food, lodging, medical care, and other facilities without charging a single unit of currency for them. All expenses are met through donations and charitable gifts from Muslim Ummah

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