Haji Abdul Wahab ka khawab - Haji Abdul Wahab Dream


Haji Abdul Wahab leader of Tablighi Jamaat is said to have seen a dream about Karachi and he wants every man and woman to read Ayat e Kareema 370 times to ask forgiveness from Allah swt. The followers of Tablighi Jamaat say that Haji Abdul Wahab has disclosed the same thing which he did before earthquake 2005. They ask every person to forward this as a text message all across pakistan. But we do not have any authentic sources for this news yet.

in Urdu

Haji Abdul Wahab Sahab ka khawab ye ky haji abdul wahab sahab ne karachi ky bare me kuch bura dekha hai our wo chahate hain ky har larka larki Ayat e Kareema 370 martaba zaror parhen our eska wird jari rakhen, our haji abdul wahab sahab ne ak martaba asa hi kiya tha 2005 ky zalzale me, 

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